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The bedroom door open and Tina informed me it was 8am and she had made breakfast, l said l’ll skip breakfast, but would love a hand job, Tina retorted the previous afternoon was a mistake as she had been drinking then left the bedroom telling me to ‘get up’, l gave myself a few quick wanks and threw back the quilt when the door opened and Tina came back into the room sat on the bed and said ‘a hand job and that’s all’, her warm hand gripped my cock, l closed my eyes as her hand gently began to slide down my shaft


. Tina took out a few tissues and gave me one to clean myself while mopping her face and cleavage, l teased could l now finish rewiring the fitting, she joked l could at least say ‘thank you’, so l did then Tina went off to make some sandwiches and coffee remarking how l needed my energy.

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. By the time we had reached 7th street, we were both fully clothed and finished with our romp. Entering the store, I instaantly spotted Carla with a stunningly beautiful white female