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She came back down wearing crackpots and a jumper, I smiled and her and she turned away from me so I walked behind her and held her wait, she flinched and was about to run until I pushed her down on the coffee table and said licking her ears, “Don’t forget who owns you now, she was shaking again, I smiled down at her and began exploring her through her clothes, she looked away in disgust , I laughed and turned her around dry humped her and said putting my hand up her top and pushing her breast together through her bra “Don’t deny me and you will not get hurt!” I pulled her up and said “Make break fast for us!” she nodded And ran into the kitchen Black. I crept into her room knowing that she was a light sleeper and set my duffel bag besides her bed and quickly brought out her blindfold and softly secured it round her head making sure there was no way it would fall off, I quickly took her hands and tied them on her bed post. . I felt him start to work a second finger into me, stretching and twisting inside of my pussy. I stammered in fear, “Pl-please, please don’t hurt me